About Medbee

At Medbee, our mission is clear: to eliminate the social stigma that surrounds sensitive health matters such as hormones, periods, and sexual health. For far too long, society has propagated taboos around women's health and bodies. But we're here to challenge those taboos head-on.

We strongly believe that true empowerment comes from understanding and embracing crucial topics like periods, fertility, hormones, pregnancy, and prevention. Without knowledge in these areas, we relinquish our ability to take charge of our own well-being.

Through all our platforms, whether it's our website, app, or community forums, Medbee strives to create an environment that encourages self-discovery and fosters a non-judgmental space for learning. We want you to feel comfortable exploring these topics and asking questions without fear of judgment or shame.

Our ultimate hope is that your experience with Medbee is not only enjoyable but also enlightening. We want to equip you with the knowledge and understanding you need to make informed decisions about your health. Join us in breaking down the barriers and embracing a new era of open dialogue and empowerment.

Our founder

faezeh sadat hosseini


Women have an important role in family and society. So it is necessary to pay attention to their medical and fertility health.  As a social responsibility, I am interested in working in the field of women's fertility health,and I have launched a startup in this field with the help of my specialist colleagues. According to my field of study, I do financial forecasting and strategic planning in the Medbee health company; and my colleague does specialized medical work. Our aim is helping women to facilitate the diagnosis and prevention of their own fertility challenges.

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